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We bring sales, expertise, and clarity to digital businesses, including WordPress product and service providers, SaaS and technology companies, FINTECH enterprises, cryptocurrency ventures, and affiliate marketing endeavors. Our impressive client roster encompasses renowned digital businesses such as WPRiders, Todays, QuickProxy, Linguise, ThemeIsle, Cex.Io, MyLead, and many more.

Our primary objective is to assist ambitious digital businesses in generating profits by enhancing brand visibility, attracting web traffic, engaging with customers, and boosting sales.

It doesn’t matter if you run a prominent international entity or an aspiring startup; we can help you grow, too.

Goals & Objectives

Help our clients achieve the best possible results, following best practices.

Work long-term because we believe in long-term partnerships rather than one-time projects.

Deliver the highest-value, highest-converting traffic, leads, and ultimately sales rather than random visitors.

To make you significant ROI.

Why the clients prefer working with us

We get results month after month.

Check out the client success stories and testimonials. I’ve seen great success with everyone from high-tech digital companies.

We work with small & medium digital businesses

Every business requires a specific, targeted approach. We are ready to develop a strategy and plan tailored to your goals.

We keep you involved in the loop

Communication is always a priority. We will update you on how the campaigns perform and chosen KPIs.

We can work with your marketing department

Use our services to augment your marketing efforts to save time and money. We will be as hands-on as you like.

A little bit of history

COMPETICO was founded in 2024 by Daniel Stanica after a 20-year career in IT and 10 years dedicated to digital marketing and competitive intelligence.

I started my IT journey in 2004, developing PHP scripts for international customers on freelance websites. After delivering more than 150 successful projects and seeing them flourish over the years, I wanted to start digital businesses aiming for freedom and scaling opportunities. However, I quickly realized that my company would never grow without digital marketing, so I started learning and doing SEO and have never stopped since.

Over the years, I’ve launched, run, and sold several digital businesses. 2017, I started the MediaDigi agency, helping online businesses grow with SEO and CI, even in the most competitive industries.

A couple of years later, with over 80 completed projects, we shifted our focus to Competitive Intelligence. We’ve seen in practice that any online business needs to research, understand, and outrank its competitors to thrive in today’s business climate. And that’s how COMPETICO started.

In addition to helping digital businesses grow better, I participate in numerous digital marketing conferences and events every year, both online and offline, to keep up with the latest trends and research in the industry.

All my recommendations and work come from the hands-on, actionable expertise I gathered over these years.

Do you manage a company that needs exponential growth? Let’s discuss how to grow and increase your market share!

Contributions In the Media

Over the past 15 years, I’ve contributed to numerous magazines and blogs about SEO, Competitive Intelligence, and Digital marketing.

If you want to feature me, please send a quick contact request with the details of your event.

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Get in touch with Daniel Stanica, the COMPETICO founder

We are eager to discuss new projects and ideas. Also, We want to show you how we leverage the power of our organic marketing and competitive intelligence services to help you grow your digital business.

About me

Hello! I’m Daniel Stanica. People in the industry say I’m an SEO and digital CI expert. What I say is that I genuinely enjoy growing digital businesses and helping them stay competitive.

Just fill out the form so I can show you how, with my colleagues, we can accelerate your business growth and increase your market share.

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I post a lot of tips, advice, and research on social media. You may follow my content on FB, X, Linkedin, Instagram and Threads accounts.

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