200 Free Link Building Places for the Beginners [17 Categories]

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200+ Free Link Building Places[17 Categories]
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Are you seeking effective link-building places for getting more search engine traffic for your or your client’s website?

Then you are in the right place. This article contains 17 different link-building website types with over 200 link-building places (websites) for beginners and advanced link builders.

Effective Link Building Places

Day by day, the number of websites is increasing as people are more willing to introduce their business to the whole world via an online platform. For maintaining this large number of websites, many internet marketers and search engine optimizers are working restlessly.

Basically, search engine optimizers need different link-building strategies for getting better search engine results. It’s not a problem whether you are new or pro. This article will help you by providing numerous tactics of link building.

1. Business Listing Websites

This process works best if you make a specific brand/business/blog that has some specialty. Indexing your site in top business lists will give your site international recognition.

Some best business listing sites are:

  1. Yelp.com (DA 93, PA 76)
  2. Google My Business (DA 100, PA 98)
  3. BingPlaces.com (DA 52, PA 47)
  4. Yahoo Small Business (DA 90, PA 77)
  5. Foursquare.com (DA 92, PA 75)
  6. ChamberOfCommerce.com (DA 58, PA 53)
  7. Yandex for Business (DA 91, PA 66)
  8. Yellowbot.com (DA 58, PA 55)
  9. HotFrog.com (DA 56, PA 56)
  10. MerchantCircle.com (DA 72, PA 60)
  11. SuperPages.com (DA 68, PA 60)
  12. Spoke.com (DA 58, PA 53)
  13. Whitepages.com (DA 72, PA 59)
  14. Crunchbase.com (DA 91, PA 64)
  15. BBB.org (DA 91, PA 70)
  16. TrustPilot.com (DA 93, PA 65)
  17. B2BYellowPages.com (DA 41, PA 49)
  18. NextDoor.com (DA 77, PA 66)
  19. eLocal.com (DA 56, PA 48)
  20. Local.com (DA 59, PA 57)

2. Profile Backlinks Websites

Profile backlinks are most powerful as most of them are from renowned sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Behance, Pinterest, etc. Most of us run for social networking sites for building profile backlinks. But there are a handsome number of reputed websites that offer us to create a profile and add our website or blog site’s link.

  1. Facebook.com (DA 96, PA 100)
  2. Twitter.com (DA 94, PA 100)
  3. Pinterest.com (DA 94, PA 95)
  4. Instagram.com (DA 93, PA 100)
  5. Linkedin.com (DA 98, PA 100)
  6. Moz.com (DA 90, PA 72)
  7. WordPress.com (DA 92, PA 88)
  8. Xing.com (DA 92, PA 70)
  9. Gravatar.com (DA 94, PA 94)
  10. ProductHunt.com (DA 86, PA 60)
  11. SEMrush.com (DA 79, PA 64)
  12. OnMogul.com (DA 76, PA 56)
  13. PostZoo.com (DA 24, PA 33)
  14. StartupMatcher.com (DA 46, PA 47)
  15. Angel.co (DA 87, PA 69)
  16. Dribbble.com (DA 92, PA 82)
  17. AllRecipes.com (DA 92, PA 72)
  18. Behance.net (DA 92, PA 75)
  19. Startuptalky.com (DA 27, PA 38)
  20. BetaPage.co (DA 41, PA 48)

3. Directory Submission Websites

Directory submission is one of the easiest link-building strategies to get high PR backlinks for free. Although most of the high PR directories demand money for instant listing, there are lots of directories that will list your URL within some days.

Some high DA directory submission sites are:

  1. 1websdirectory.com (DA 26, PA 45)
  2. Hotvsnot.com (DA 38, PA 49)
  3. 247webdirectory.com (DA 24, PA 45)
  4. Alistsites.com (DA 21, PA 46)
  5. Botw.org (DA 55, PA 47)
  6. Aboutus.com (DA 65, PA 52)
  7. OperationUplink.org (DA 42, PA 43)
  8. FreePrWebDirectory.com (DA 21, PA 50)

4. Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking sites are another easiest way to get backlinks for every page of your blog or website. Just you need to sign up and submit your pages.

Best social bookmarking sites drive both backlink values and traffic to your desired URL. Some best social bookmarking sites are:

  1. HackerNews
  2. Reddit.com (DA 91, PA 87)
  3. Flipboard.com (DA 91, PA 70)
  4. SlashDot.org (DA 91, PA 75)
  5. Digg.com (DA 93, PA 81)
  6. Zest.is (DA 44, PA 45)
  7. Mix.com (DA 80, PA 60)
  8. BlogEngage.com (DA 65, PA 52)
  9. Folkd.com (DA 61, PA 61)
  10. Diigo.com (DA 89, PA 68)

This social bookmarking submission websites list was last time checked on September 11, 2020.

5. Article Submission Websites [2020 Curated]

Article submission is a little bit tough for beginners but amazingly helpful for driving targeted traffic and improving search engine ranking. This is one of the best link-building strategies for fast and better results.  Moreover, this is a great way to get do-follow backlinks for your site.

Some recommended article submission sites are:

  1. Thefreelibrary.com (DA 71, PA 55)
  2. Academia.edu (DA 80, PA 70)
  3. Ezinearticles.com (DA 76, PA 86)
  4. Magportal.com (DA 48, DA 42)
  5. Tumblr.com (DA 87, PA 94)
  6. Medium.com (DA 86, PA 93)
  7. Vocal.media (DA 58, PA 78)
  8. HubPages.com (DA 74, PA 88)
  9. SelfGrowth.com (DA 65, PA 57)
  10. Articlesbase.com (DA 68, PA 79)
  11. LiveJournal.com (DA 70, PA 72)
  12. SooperArticles.com (DA 56, PA 52)
  13. ArticleBiz.com (DA 42, PA 74)
  14. ArticleCube.com (DA 52, PA 61)
  15. WattPad.com (DA 76, PA 62)

This article submission websites list was last time checked on September 11, 2020.

6. Forum posting Websites

Getting backlinks from reputed forums needs proper technique. Most of the newbies fail to get backlinks from the forum as they are in a hurry.

Getting backlinks from low reputed forums is easy but not much effective. So, you need to go for high DA and popular forums. In the beginning, you need to be helpful towards others. Never post any link without a valid reason. Besides, you need to be an active forum member. It’s better to use signature-enabled forums for effective results.

You can start with below forums:

  1. TopGoldForum.com (DA32, PA 46)
  2. Digitalpoint.com (DA71, PA 56)
  3. AffiliateFix.com (DA60, PA55)
  4. Warriorforum.com (DA64, PA 58)
  5. BlackHatWorld.com (DA63, PA62)
  6. WickedFire.com (DA62, PA51)
  7. WebHostingTalk.com (DA63, PA69)
  8. Wjunction.com (DA 68, Pa 78)

This forum posting submission websites list was last time checked on September 11, 2020.

7. Web 2.0 Websites

Web 2.0 sites are the only way that will allow you to create thousands of backlinks (both do-follow and no-follow as you desire) in a short time. This is the master way used by almost all the experts for a better link-building process.

Some effective Web 2.0 sites are:

  1. Blogger.com (DA 87, PA 83)
  2. WordPress.com (DA 92, PA 88)
  3. Hubpages.com (DA91, PA 70)
  4. Livejournal.com (DA 61, PA 68)
  5. Wix.com (DA 62, PA 77)
  6. Tumblr.com (DA 71, PA 99)
  7. Weebly.com (DA 57, PA 62)
  8. Webs.com (DA 50, PA 67)
  9. Strikingly.com (DA 91, PA 65)
  10. Squarespace.com (DA 58, PA 58)
  11. Academia.edu (DA 93, PA 69)
  12. EverNote.com (DA 92, PA 77)
  13. hPage.com (DA 71, PA 54)
  14. SubStack.com (DA 69, PA 57)
  15. Ghost.org (DA 79, PA 70)

This WEB 2.0 properties websites list was last time checked on September 11, 2020.

8. Video Submission Websites

Video submission works like a big boost up in a link-building road map. Mainly Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Metacafe are the legends in the video marketing field.

In the case of a link-building strategy, it’s unnecessary to make a high-quality video as it is not possible for the newbies. You can make a simple video that has some value and something to learn. After uploading the video, be careful about the video title, description, and tags for better ranking.

  1. Youtube.com (DA 98, PA 100)
  2. Vimeo.com (DA 97, PA 96)
  3. DailyMotion.com (DA 95, PA 82)
  4. Metacafe.com (DA 89, PA 65)
  5. VidMax.com (DA 54, PA 48)
  6. Twitch.tv (DA 93, PA 71)
  7. LiveLeak.com (DA 81, PA 63)
  8. Teachertube.com (DA 65, PA 59)

This video submission websites list was last time checked on September 11, 2020.

9. Blog Commenting Websites

This is my favourite link-building strategy as it needs less effort but gives a much better result than I expect. You will get 3 benefits by blog commenting, which are getting backlinks from reputed and high DA blogs, getting targeted traffic and building relationships with other expert bloggers worldwide.

Therefore, I suggest you make a list of blogs related to your site and do regular visits and comment on them.

Here are several blogs in the digital marketing niche that accept comments with links:

  1. Outreach.buzz (DA 14, PA 31)
  2. Backlinko.com (DA 63, PA 62)
  3. Monetize.info (DA 32, PA 39)
  4. MediaDigi.com (DA 17, PA 32)
  5. CopyBlogger.com (DA 77, PA 61)
  6. NeilPatel.com (DA 88, PA 66)
  7. CXL.com (DA 64, PA 44)
  8. SEMrush.com (DA 79, PA 64)
  9. Portent.com (DA 62, PA 50)
  10. SmartBlogger.com (DA 57, PA 54)
  11. MarkinBlog.com (DA 38, PA 38)
  12. BloggingTry.com (DA 1, PA 6)

This blog commenting submission websites list was last time checked on September 11, 2020.

10. Image Submission Websites

It is an easy way to attract people to visit your site by creating funny and interesting images. It’s not necessary to illustrate all images. You can edit the image by yourself and submit it to online image stores with your site’s link. Interesting images will definitely increase your site’s backlink as well as traffic.

Some popular image submission sites are:

  1. Imgur.com (DA 92, PA 82)
  2. Flickr.com (DA 91, PA 91)
  3. Pinterest.com (DA 94, PA 95)
  4. Photobucket.com (DA 93, PA 88)
  5. SmugMug.com (DA 48, PA 50)
  6. ImagesHack.com (DA 92, PA 66)
  7. 4shared.com (DA 93, PA 73)
  8. Photo.net (DA 82, PA 64)
  9. PostImages.org (DA 88, PA 66)
  10. ImgSrc.ru (DA 51, PA 60)

This image submission websites list was last time checked on September 11, 2020.

11. Question and Answer Sites

The Hummingbird Google algorithm update has increased the value of searches that includes how what, which, where etc., words.

We usually ask questions to search engines and hope for a perfect answer. Here comes the value of question and answer sites. Because of Hummingbird Q/A, sites have become an important part of search engine ranking.

Therefore, getting backlinks from Q/A sites will pass lots of value and traffic. Simply go to the Q/A site and search for questions that are related to your article or blog. Then, give a helpful answer with your site’s link. You can also use your article or site’s URL as the source of your answer. You may start with Answers.com or Yahoo Answers.

Some of the most popular question and answer sites are:

  1. Quora.com (DA 93, PA 71)
  2. Answers.com (DA 92, PA 67)
  3. Reddit.com (DA 91, PA 87)
  4. Yahoo answers (DA 92, PA 82)
  5. WikiHow.com (DA 93, PA 69)
  6. Experts-exchange.com (DA 70, PA 54)
  7. StackExchange.com (DA 90, PA 69)
  8. StackOverflow.com (DA 93, PA 77)
  9. Metafilter.com (DA 83, PA 60)

This question and answers submission websites list was last time checked on September 11, 2020.

12. Guest Post Websites

This is another effective link-building strategy that is a little bit similar to article submission. Find out and make a list of blogs that allow guest posts and are related to your taste. Then write unique articles and send them to admins via contact forum or other available communication methods.

Here are several blogs in the digital marketing niche that accept guest posts:

  1. Outreach.buzz (DA 14, PA 31)
  2. Monetize.info (DA 32, PA 38)
  3. CyberSecurityMag.com (DA 15, PA 22)
  4. Ten.info (DA 24, PA 29)
  5. DailyTrust.info (DA 51, PA 36)
  6. DailyMoneySaving.com (DA 26, PA 30)
  7. TopGoldForum.com (DA 33, PA 46)
  8. TweakYourBiz.com (DA 57, PA 50)

Check our tool, Outreach.buzz, to access over 3500 sites to guest post grouped in 38 different categories. You can easily sort them by SEO metrics, Social Media metrics, traffic, or contact methods.

This guest posting websites list was last time checked on June 11, 2021.

13. Slide Sharing Sites

Some people may find this strategy less important. However, in making step by step process or list building, this process works best.

Basically, you need to use presentation software like MS PowerPoint and make an attractive slide presentation that you can upload in slide-sharing sites like slideshare.net to get backlinks and high-quality traffic.

Some slide sharing sites are:

  1. Slideshare.net (DA 95, PA 74)
  2. Prezi.com (DA 92, PA 77)
  3. Authorstream.com (DA 86, PA 59)
  4. Vcasmo.com (DA 36, PA 43)
  5. Issuu.com (DA 94, PA 82)
  6. ScribD.com (DA 94, PA 73)
  7. Calameo.com (DA 92, PA 66)

This slide-sharing websites list was last time checked on September 11, 2020.

14. PDF Book Submission Websites

Sharing PDF files is a big secret of the pro link builder to create many backlinks. You can get backlinks in two ways, one is making hyperlinks in your PDF text, and another is giving your site or blog’s URL as a source or credit link during submission. You no need to think higher as a beginner (if). I just elaborated on your existed blog article and submitted it as a PDF file by giving an attractive name. You can use MS word to convert your text into a PDF file.

Look at below list to submit your PDF file or E-Books:

  1. ScribD.com (DA 85, PA 69)
  2. Wattpad.com (DA 92, PA 67)
  3. Academia.edu (DA 79, PA 60)
  4. Free-ebooks.net (DA 67, PA 56)
  5. Isuu.com (DA 94, PA 82)
  6. Smashwords.com (DA 75, PA 68)

This pdf documents submission websites list was last time checked on September 11, 2020.

15. Infographics Submission Websites

Infographics are meant to share information through graphical work. It has become a great way of sharing content and internet marketing through less effort. You can use an image editor such as adobe photoshop, paint, GIMP, etc., for creating infographics. You can submit infographics below sites:

  1. Graphs.net (DA 40, PA 54)
  2. Infographicsarchive.com (DA 54, PA 42)
  3. Coolinfographics.com (DA 58, PA 44)
  4. Flowingdata.com (DA 68, PA 72)
  5. Infographicsshowcase.com (DA 41, PA 54)
  6. Reddit.com/r/infographics (DA 89, PA 78)
  7. Infographicsite.com (DA 37, PA 68)
  8. OMGinfographics.com (DA 29, PA 14)
  9. Submitinfographics.com (DA 38, PA 69)
  10. Infographicjournal.com (DA 52, PA 60)

This infographic submission websites list was last time checked on September 11, 2020.

16. Audio Submission Sites

Considering the present marketing strategy, sharing audio files or podcasts is one of the best link building strategies that attract people. This link-building technique needs expertise for getting a better result.

However, you can record simple audio by reciting some important topic related to your site and submit it along with a link back to your site.

Some best audio submission sites are:

  1. Soundcloud.com (DA 93, PA 84)
  2. Yourlisten.com (DA 62, PA 55)
  3. Reverbnation.com (DA 92, PA 65)
  4. Bandcamp.com (DA 93, PA 75)
  5. 8tracks.com (DA 76, PA 72)

This audio submission websites list was last time checked on September 11, 2020.

17. Classified Site List

Free Classified submission sites are convenient for any company and website to classify or market their goods and company on the internet with a total of information without any prices. Free Ad Submission Sites or Classified submission sites would be the most famous for posting local and nearby classified advertisements by a town.

  1. Oodle.com (DA 61, PA 54)
  2. OLX.com (DA 70, PA 56)
  3. Locanto.com (DA 45, PA 50)
  4. Bookoo.com (DA 47, PA 45)
  5. Geebo.com (DA 44, PA 49)
  6. Gumtree.com (DA 85, PA 59)
  7. Hoobly.com (DA 55, PA 50)
  8. Craigslist.org (DA 90, PA 71)
  9. WallClassifieds.com (DA 21, PA 35)
  10. Freeadstime.org (DA 34, PA 45)
  11. Giganticlist.com (DA 36, PA 25)
  12. Advertiseera.com (DA 37, PA 13)
  13. Classifiedsfactor.com (DA 37, PA 16)
  14. Kugli.com (DA 46, PA 37)
  15. eKnazar.com (DA 44, PA 32)
  16. AdsYellowPages.com (DA 43, PA 33)
  17. FreeAdsBook.com (DA 44, PA 35)
  18. TheFreeAdForum.com (DA 49, PA 38)
  19. ClassifiedsCiti.com (DA 45, PA 34)
  20. qwikad.com (DA 46, PA 31)


So there you have it. 17 different link-building websites with over 200 link-building places (websites) for beginners and advanced link builders. If you want to outsource your link-building efforts you may try a link building service that will create backlinks for you.


Daniel is the founder of COMPETICO digital agency. Since 2014 he helps digital businesses COMPETE SMARTER and WIN BIGGER through SEO, and Competitive Intelligence.

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